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Uphold the commitment of sustainable development and technological innovation, adhere to the continuous innovation of technology to promote the decline of photovoltaic energy cost throughout the production and operation process, and bring affordable clean energy to thousands of households.T.S SOLAR  hopes to establish a future oriented, cleaner and sustainable energy supply system to benefit all mankind with solar energy.


Water resources



                              Our commitmen

We can believe that the most precious resource is the natural environment on which we live. We will spare no effort to fulfill our commitments to all stakeholders, from product research and development, raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, to energy and resource utilization and waste management, and always strive to practice sustainable development in the whole life cycle of products. T.SSOLAR became the first industry shaper of the solar energy industry at the world economic forum in Davos.


              Continuous improvement

We firmly believe that continuous improvement is endless, and we are constantly committed to the research and development of more efficient and environmentally friendly solar photovoltaic modules, and strive to become the world's leading provider of overall solar solutions, using solar energy to benefit all mankind.